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제목 KD-1530DS(주문제작 상품) 등록일 2018.05.16 14:01
글쓴이 케이디인터내셔널 조회 499







Main Parts:

*Original Italian HSD 6.0KW air cooling spindle

*With speed of 0-18000RPM 

*Easy to operate,easy maintenance

*strong cutting ability,low noise,long service life


*Japan YASKAWA servo motors and drivers

*Powerful and stable

*High machining precision

*Do not need regular maintenance


*Taiwan Syntec Control System

*It can realize off-line control

*Easy to operate


*Taiwan Delta inverter

*Model is VFD 

*Power is 15KW

*High performance, stable



Number Description Parameter

1 XYZ working area 1550x3080x300mm

2 Table size 1665x3550mm

3 XYZ,Traveling Positioning Accuracy ±0.03

4 XYZ,Repeat positioning Accuracy ±0.05mm

5 Table Surface Steel surface

6 Frame welding

7 X, Y Structure Rack and Pinion Hiwin Linear Rail

8 Z Structure Ball Screw

9 Max. Power Consumption 17KW

10 Max. Travel speed  0-60,000mm/min

11 Max. Working Speed 0-30,000mm/min

12 Spindle Power 6KW HSD

13 Spindle Speed 0-18000RPM

14 Drive Motor Yaskawa servo system

15 Working Voltage 3PH,380V,60HZ

16 Operating System Taiwan Syntec control System

17 Computer Interface USB

18 Flash Memory 128M or flash drive

19 Collet ER25

20 X,Y Resolution <0.01mm

21 Software Compatibility Artcam

22 Running Environment Temperature 0 degree - 45 degree

23 Relative Humidity 30% - 75%

24 Packing Size 3800x2200x1500

25 N.W. 1700kg

26 G.W. 1800kg

다음글 | KD-0609 FILE
이전글 | KD-1325D(8 ATC slots) FILE